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If you are interested in having Krystel Yaacoub deliver a workshop regarding the integration of technology at your school or conference, please fill the contact form below or email us directly at [email protected]

Our workshops are targeted at discovering new educational technology tools and resources and sharing techniques for their implementation in the classroom for a better learning experience. You can choose from the list of topics below or we can work together to develop a custom day of workshops for your institution.

Work With Us 1

Explore the Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) technologies

Work With Us 2

Explore the Promethean interactive board

Work With Us 3

Develop educational activities on the ActivInspire software

Work With Us 4

Develop & customize educational games/activities on Microsoft PowerPoint

Work With Us 5

Develop instructional videos on Keynote

Work With Us 6

Explore different educational Apps on the iPads

Work With Us 7

Explore different EdTech tools

Work With Us 8

Build, program and command robots using robotics kits


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