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Thank you for your interest in promoting on TechnologyEDUC.

With the passionate team we have, we are confident that our site constitutes the perfect market for your offerings. We also think that we are capable of increasing awareness around your product/service to a large target audience locally and regionally.

We offer 6 types of promotions:


A post about your product/service on our blog section and all our social media platforms.


An exposure of your product/service on our shop page.

Display Ad

An image of your product/service linked to your website displayed on the banner of the website or on the sidebar.


An exposure of your solution on our solution page.


Text Ad

A descriptive sentence of your product/service displayed on the top header of the website.


An exposure of your Ebooks on our Online Library.

Why promoting on TechnologyEDUC?

  • TechnologyEDUC’s target audience is made up of school & university administrators, educational center owners, teachers, professors, students, parents, etc. This helps you reach the right target for your product/service
  • We are capable of increasing awareness of your product/service to a large target audience locally and regionally.
  • TechnologyEDUC is currently synced to 7 social media platforms which give your ad more exposure.

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