Creating Teaching Portfolios & LinkedIn Profiles


Description: LinkedIn is the largest business-oriented social networking platform geared specifically towards professionals. Therefore, having a presence on LinkedIn will give teachers the ability to gain exposure by showcasing their education, expertise, recommendations, achievements, connections, etc. Moreover, they can use this platform to do their own research, connect with people, read articles and blogs, join groups and much more. In this training, teachers will learn how to develop a professional teaching portfolio and LinkedIn profile to present their career profile.

In this training, participants will:
– Be introduced to the tools, their features and their educational benefits.
– Create a teaching portfolio and a LinkedIn profile.
– Explore the basic features of LinkedIn such as connecting with people, joining groups and pages, sending messages, etc.

Audience: K-12 Teachers, K-12 Special Educators, Head of Departments & Divisions

Language: English, French or Arabic

Date: As per the school’s request

Duration: 4 hours

Delivery Mode: Online or on campus

№ of attendees per Class: 15

Certificate: A certificate of attendance will be provided to participants.

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Beirut, Lebanon


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