Creating 360° Images & Videos


Description: In contemporary education, 360-degree images and videos offer significant advantages as a learning tool because, among others, they adapt to the student’s characteristics in the twenty-first century. These 360° images & videos allow learners to enjoy a panoramic view of the content and deeply navigate through it with a controller, such as a mouse or a touch screen. These types of images and videos could be applied in the subject unit involving listening, writing, and reading activities to enhance understanding and stimulate students’ imagination. During this training, teachers will learn how to create interactive panoramas, virtual tours and explore-type activities and effectively integrate them into their sessions.

In this training, participants will:
– Be introduced to the tool, its features and its educational benefits.
– Create 360° images and videos.
– Add hotspots to images and videos and combine them into engaging scenarios.
– Develop interactive panoramas, virtual tours, explore-type activities, etc.

Audience: K-12 Teachers, K-12 Special Educators, Head of Departments & Divisions

Language: English, French or Arabic

Date: As per the school’s request

Duration: 3 hours

Delivery Mode: Online or on campus

№ of attendees per Class: 15

Certificate: A certificate of attendance will be provided to participants.

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