TechnologyEDUC equips your school with the most advanced EdTech solutions for a better learning experience. As we understand that implementing technology in classrooms goes beyond just the use of devices, our mission is to accompany you throughout the whole journey by sharing with you techniques of their implementations, helping you manage the integration, training your staff & finally evaluating the process.

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Interactive Panel

– Robust interactivity with its multi-touch functionality
– Device mirroring
– Wifi connectivity
– Powerful Audio
– Easy device connectivity
– Powerful lesson-delivery software included
– All-in-one and connected
– Provide activity plans for teachers
– Train teachers & staff


Augmented Reality

– Provide AR educational tools for different subjects
– Provide AR solution for teachers to create their own content
– Provide activity plans for teachers
– Develop AR educational content
– Train teachers & staff

Students Using Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

– Provide VR educational headsets
– Provide VR educational Apps for different subjects
– Provide activity plans for teachers
– Develop VR educational content
– Train teachers & staff

Learning Management System

Learning Management System

– Student admission system
– Class management & Live sessions
– Online study material & Agenda
– Online assessment, Exams evaluation & Report cards
– Teacher/parent relationship management
– Library & Tuition management
– Multi-branch management system
– Student attendance report
– SMS, Calls, Mails & Universal noticeboard
– Academic year records, Analytics & reporting
– Multi-language & Arabic support
– Student/teacher performance module

Solutions 1

Coding & Robotics

– Provide robotics kits
– Provide STEAM sessions that enable students to code and apply programming applications to build robots
– Provide a ready-made K-12 curriculum
– Train teachers & staff

3D Printing Schools

3D Printing

– Provide 3D printers
– Provide students with sessions on designing & executing 3D models
– Provide a ready-made K-12 curriculum
– Train teachers & staff

School Bus Tracking

Bus Tracking System

– Track the students’ attendance
– Display the bus trip information in one single screen
– Alert parent about urgent verification
– Live feeds to parents
– Remotely inform schools when a student won’t be taking the bus

Students' Emotional Expression Measurement

Emotional Expression Measurement

– Read and analyze the students’ behavior and emotions
– Suggest arranging counseling service for students

Robot in Education

Smart Robots

– Assist teachers
– Interact with students for guidance and general questions
– Help with administrative tasks


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