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Let your students travel to different countries, visit international museums, dive under the sea, explore space and much more!

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Our App is FREE to download on the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, the Pico Store and other VR Headsets coming shortly.

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Choose from hundreds of existing tours from around the world as well as premium content from some of the world’s most prestigious content creators.

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With a familiar drag and drop user interface, it has never been easier to create your own 360-degree tours. You can then share them with students, colleagues, friends and the wider world.

How it works

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VR Tours for Schools…

ExpeditionsPro provides Free VR Tours and Expeditions in fully immersive Virtual Reality. The same great features you are used to – Classroom content, working offline, instant annotation and simple touch interface that worked so well.

Look for virtual experiences that fit into your lesson plan and lead your tour with simple steps right from your classroom.

Create your own virtual tours!

Use ExpeditionsPro to upload your own 360° content and create your own virtual reality tours!

From beautiful landmarks across the globe to your own treasured destinations, ExpeditionsPro makes it possible for you to visit these breath-taking locations from wherever you deem most comfortable and share them with others across the globe.

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Book a Training Session & Start Leading VR Tours in your Classroom right now!

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VR ExpeditionsPro

ExpeditionsPro has the same great drag and drop functionality of the Google Tour Creator service, hosted online and accessible from any browser.

We will have the ability to add local 360 panoramas, 4k 360° video, still images, hotspots, audio files and much, much, more.

Not only that but our system will be able to import your Google Tour Creator content directly from your Google account, meaning your user created content is safe with us.

ExpeditionsPro can launch on multiple devices from a mobile phone to a dedicated VR headset, which means you can use existing kits and will not need new equipment.  

Unique Features

Import Your Tours

Google Tour Creator and Expeditions is closing on 30th June 2021. Save your tours to Expeditions Pro

Find VR Tours

Large collection of pre-existing 360° photo and video content.

Low Spec Hardware

Our software runs of the lowest specification hardware possible including Google Cardboard, mobiles, tablets and PCs

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Classroom Management

Tablet controlled Classroom Management for multiple headsets.

Offline Learning

View, Plan and Create lesson plans, then download so you can access them, whenever you wish without needing the internet.

Lessons Made Easy

View, Plan and Create lesson plans and use teaching resources made by educators.

Teacher Mode

Control the lesson flow using the special teacher mode with a few touches of your tablet:

  • Instantly connect to all the student devices
  • Start and pause the lesson
  • Highlight spot for students’ attention
  • Annotate
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Book a Training Session & Start Leading VR Tours in your Classroom right now!

Rescue Your Google Expeditions Tours

1. Export Your Tours

Rescue your Google Expeditions before it closes down on 30th June 2021. Simply visit Google Takeout and export all the tours you have created.

2. Upload Your Tours

Once you have downloaded your tours as Zip files, simply upload them to Expeditions Pro – for free, for ever. (Register below and we’ll let you know when this is live)

3. Edit, View and Share

Once imported, you can edit your tours as normal and take advantage of all the regular new features we have coming.
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Start your VR tours in just a few steps


Download the App on the teacher’s tablet.


Sign up for free.


Download the same App on your students’ devices — they will automatically connect to the tablet.


Control the lesson flow with a few clicks.

Download App

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Start Leading VR Tours in your Classroom right now!

For more information, email us at [email protected] or book a demo here.

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