VR Classroom Headsets

With this VR headsets, students can experience destinations from across the world without ever having to leave the classroom!

A new way of teaching with the Virtual Reality technology!

Virtual reality can improve education by providing students with memorable and immersive experiences that would otherwise not be possible. What’s more, it can all take place within the classroom.

VR is accessible to every student and can be easily monitored by teachers. Virtual experiences have the power to engage and inspire students in a unique and powerful way.

How it works


The materials used in the design of Homido Grab are very easy to clean.


Thanks to the strap-less design, the Homido Grab is ideal for easy sharing.

Strong and Secure

The materials used are solid and the insertion of the smartphone is secure.

High-Quality Lenses

Our high quality lenses offer you a 100° field of vision.

Action Button

Grab is designed with a built-in action button for operating the smartphone without having to remove it from its position.

Google Cardboard Certified

Homido Grab received the “Works with Google Cardboard” certification, ensuring complete compatibility with Google Cardboard applications.


The high-quality lenses made by Homido provide an exceptional 100° field of view for the ultimate 3D experience.


The brackets for securing the smartphone at the front made Homido Grab compatible with all 4.5 – 5.7″ smartphones.

Transparent Front

Thanks to its transparent front, Homido Grab is compatible with Augmented Reality Apps.


Textured design for an easy grip.

The Best Virtual Reality Headset for Education!

Solution VR Classroom Headsets 1
Solution VR Classroom Headsets 2

Smartphone Compability

Homido Grab is compatible with the majority of recent smartphones.


Solution VR Classroom Headsets 3

Start using the VR Headsets in your Classroom right now!

For more information or purchase inquiries, email us at info@technologyeduc.com or book a demo here.

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