AR Classroom Tools

A wide range of AR tools for an outstanding immersive learning experience!

AR Coloring Sheets

QuiverVision: Amazing AR Coloring App

The AR coloring app combines physical coloring with the Augmented Reality technology to bring students an extraordinarily magical experience.

When students finish coloring the sheet, they can use this 3D coloring app to animate its content that is designed around topics as diverse as biology, geometry, the solar system, and many more.

AR World Map

Cleverbooks Augmented Reality World Map

The Augmented Reality World Map allows kids to travel through continents in 3D, see the geography of different lands, and check out their weather and seasons.

They will also get information about geographical peculiarities, political structures, land & water animals, plants, heritage, and monuments.

AR Geometry Building Blocks

Augmented Reality Geometry Building Blocks - ar classroom tools

The AR Geometry Building Blocks allow students to explore geometric solids in Augmented Reality and spark their curiosity for 3D geometry.

The app features 3D models of five main 2D-dimension geometrical shapes (circle, rectangle, cube, hexagon and triangle) and enables a teacher to explain abstract geometry concepts through 3D visualization. Pair the app with the Geometry Building Blocks to create an engaging and immersive learning environment for students in your math class (K-6).

AR Puzzle Space and Engineering

AR Classroom Tools 1

The Augmented Reality Puzzle Space Missions and Engineering engages students to explore the Solar System, Rocket Building and Outer Space in an interactive way through 3D visualization.

Pair the app with the AR Space Puzzle to let K1 to K-6 students assemble a puzzle and lead their own space mission to Mercury, Earth, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune through Augmented Reality experience.

AR Writing Sheets

Narrator AR: Interesting Augmented Reality App for Writing

Pioneering immersive technology for kindergarten, this Augmented Reality App for writing uses the AR technology to animate handwritten letters & numbers.

It encourages children at this vital stage of early childhood education to engage the essential fine motor and cognitive skills associated with handwriting.

AR Flashcards

Animal 4D+: Amazing AR Animal App

Flashcards are no longer boring nowadays as AR adds computer-generated graphics, sounds and information to the natural world, allowing students to interact, explore and play with digital elements through the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

With these AR Flashcards, various animals, planets, dinosaurs and characters of real-life occupations are magically brought to life in realistic 3D animation through the magic of Augmented Reality for the children to observe, along with sounds and movements.

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