AR Write Letters Aa, Bb, Cc


Get this AR Write Letters Aa, Bb, Cc to encourage your children to learn numbers, basic words, writing, and reading with the Augmented Reality technology!


Product’s Title:

AR Write Letters Aa, Bb, Cc

Product’s Description:

These AR Write Letters Aa, Bb, Cc templates help children with handwriting upper and lower case letters.

They encourage children to pick up a pen and trace each letter on paper.

The AR Write Letters Aa, Bb, Cc templates are used in conjunction with the Narrator AR app. This app will animate each letter in augmented reality (AR). The app demonstrates correct letter formation while providing an engaging and rewarding learning experience.

Product’s Image:

AR Write Letters Aa, Bb, Cc

Product’s Specifications:

The file is a PDF. (26 x A4 pages)

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with a link to download the AR Write Letters Aa, Bb, Cc. This link will only be active for 30 days.

Product’s Instructions:


1. Download and print the pdf file

2. Download the Narrator AR app from the AppStore or GooglePlay.


1. Trace the letters on the worksheet

2. Hold the app over the page to watch the letter animate in AR. Animations illustrate correct letter formation

Narrator AR is building their resource library with regular new template releases.

Additional Instructions:

If you have any concerns please contact 

Support Information:

A free lesson plan is available for use with this template.  It includes:

  • Learning objectives
  • Preparation + materials
  • Video demonstrations
  • Prior knowledge
  • Activity Plan (handwriting and animation in AR)
  • Extension and discussion ideas
  • Education standard specifications

Terms of Use:

These files are for personal and classroom use only and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Files may not be copied, reproduced, shared, uploaded, posted, transmitted, republished, distributed, or used for the creation of other works without Narrator AR’s prior written consent.

All contents are the property of Narrator AR.

No Refunds:

All sales on NarratorAR of digital resources considered final and non-refundable.

Narrator AR provides detailed activity plans for each template. We recommend that you read these and watch the demonstrations to gain a good understanding of what you are purchasing.

There are always exceptions to rules, so refund requests can be made within 2 months of purchase that Narrator AR will review. Cases may include duplicate purchases or file corruption.

Refund decisions are at the discretion of Narrator AR.


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