Augmented Reality Coloring Sheets

Transform learning with one of the leading Augmented Reality tools for education! Let your kids enjoy the immersive wonder of 3D Augmented Reality with this creative coloring experience that helps them better visualize & understand various learning subjects. After coloring the AR Sheet, they can scan it to bring it to life in 3D with the same colors they have used on the page. They can also interact with the 3D objects, in-app quizzes, and games.

Packs with the “Free” banner are free to download and use. Packs with the “Premium” banner require a subscription to work with the App.

For individual use, if you want to use the app at home with your kids, you can subscribe from the App directly.

For classroom use, If you want to use the app on multiple devices with your students, you can subscribe as an educator on the Education Dashboard using the CODE “QVTECHEDUC” for a 5% DISCOUNT! (7-day free trial when you signup).

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