What is Lü Interactive Playground?

Lü Interactive Playground transforms traditional school environments into immersive and interactive spaces using a vast catalog of purposeful activities and world-class audiovisual equipments. This tool will definitely offer an outstanding learning experience for the students!

How Does it Work?

Application in the School

In the picture below, kids are learning a Math lesson but instead of holding pencils and papers, they are using colorful balls! The image projected on the wall shows a Math equation with six possible answers where kids have to do a mental calculation and throw the ball against the correct answer.

Lü Interactive Playground: Awesome Technology for Schools 1

Educational Applications

Lü Interactive Playground comes with an ever-growing selection of applications updated frequently and automatically. Below are some samples. Explore all the applications here.

Mööd, the new utility that allows you to quickly know how your group is feeling. Students will be able to choose an emotion, including anger, sadness, joy, fear, neutral or calm.


Wörlds gives you the opportunity to discover new worlds and to fully let your imagination go. Turn your gym into any universe you choose to!


Tacktïk is a giant educational board to strategize with your sports team and create activities in your gym.



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