As concerns around COVID-19 pandemic grew, several schools turned to Learning Management Systems (LMS) to manage their distance learning. Below is a list, shared by UNESCO, of the most used Learning Management Systems for distance learning around the world.

List of Learning Management Systems for Distance Learning

Century Tech Logo

CenturyTech – addresses gaps in knowledge through personal learning pathways with micro-lessons while challenging students and promoting long-term memory retention.

Classdojo Logo

ClassDojo – connects teachers with students and parents to build classroom communities.


Edmodo – manages classrooms and engages students remotely, through offering tools and resources backed with a variety of languages.

edraak Logo

Edraak – offers online education with material and resources for school learners and teachers in Arabic.

Ekstep Logo

EkStep – provides an open learning platform with a collection of learning resources to support literacy and numeracy.

Google Classroom Logo

Google Classroom – helps classes connect remotely, communicate, and stay organized.

Moodle Logo

Moodle – serves a community-driven and globally supported open learning platform.

Nafham Logo

Nafham – hosts an Arabic language online learning platform with educational video lessons that correspond with Egyptian and Syrian curricula.

Paper Airplanes Logo

Paper Airplanes – matches individuals with personal tutors for 12-16-week sessions conducted via video conferencing platforms.

Schoology Logo

Schoology – equips teachers with tools for instruction, learning, grading, collaboration, and assessment.

Schoology Logo

Seesaw – enables the creation of collaborative and sharable digital learning portfolios and learning resources.

Skooler Logo

Skooler – turns Microsoft Office suite into an education platform.


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