Integrating the Augmented Reality Technology (AR) in Education


Description: In this era of distractions, it might be easy to catch the attention of learners, but to keep them engaged throughout the learning session remain the biggest challenge. Thus, the need arises for a solution that can boost learners’ engagement and, hence, make learning more productive and worthwhile. Immersive learning is a technique that makes use of an artificial or simulated environment through which the learners can become completely immersed in the learning process; it has the potential to bring abstract learning scenarios to life. One of the ways of integrating the immersive learning technique in the classroom is by using the Augmented Reality (AR) technology that adds digital elements to reality to enhance it.

In this training, educators will:
– Be introduced to augmented reality (AR) technology.
– Discover the implementation of the AR technology in the classroom and its benefits.
– Explore new AR tools and resources that offer innovative ways to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Audience: K-12 Teachers, Head of Departments, Head of Divisions

Time: 3 hours

Delivery Mode: Online

Certificate: A certificate of attendance will be provided to participants and a certificate of completion to those who present a project.

Fee: 20$ per participant


Course Augmented Reality in Education 1
Course Augmented Reality in Education 2
Course Augmented Reality in Education 3
Course Augmented Reality in Education 4
Course Augmented Reality in Education 5
Course Augmented Reality in Education 6
Course Augmented Reality in Education 7
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