Are you teaching online and facing challenges with your students’ engagement and participation? Here are some interesting collaboration tools for distance learning that add interactivity to your online sessions and enhance your students’ learning experience.

5 Collaboration Tools for Distance Learning

flipgrid logoFlipgrid is a simple, free, and accessible video discussion experience where teachers can create discussion topics and share them with learners. From their side, learners respond to these topics by recording and sharing short videos with their teacher and classmates.

Pear Deck

Pear DeckPear Deck allows teachers to create interactive presentations by adding multiple-choice questions, drag and drop activities, drawing activities, text and numbers responses, and websites’ links to their presentations to create active learning and formative assessment opportunities. When learners respond, teachers can see the outcomes in real-time and share them with the class, to promote class discussions and drive students’ engagements.


EdPuzzleEdPuzzle allows teachers to choose videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, and other websites or use their own videos to track students’ comprehension by adding their own voice narration and questions. Also, they can check if students are watching the videos, how many times they’re watching each section, and if they’re understanding the content.


NearpodNearpod helps educators develop interactive lessons that contain quizzes, polls, videos, collaborate boards, open-ended questions, matching pairs, and more to check students’ understanding. They can access thousands of pre-built K-12 standards-aligned lessons or upload their own lessons and make them interactive. All lessons can be shared as a tab in Microsoft Teams, making it easy for students to access the lesson content quickly and easily.


PadletPadlet is an online “virtual wall” tool where learners can share thoughts on a common topic. It’s like a piece of paper, but on the web where collaborators can simultaneously create and organize posts of any content type, whether it be text, documents, images, videos, audio, or links.

The bitmoji virtual classroom that we shared in an earlier post is also one of the interesting collaboration tools for Microsoft Teams. You may check a step-by-step tutorial on how to create it here.


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