What is ClipDrop?

Exactly 6 months after sharing their viral prototype AR Copy Paste prototype, French developers Cyril Diagne and Jonathan Blanchet have just released a public beta of ClipDrop.

Clipdrop uses Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to copy and paste physical objects into digital documents. It automatically removes the background from copied visuals allowing users to paste the object as it is into programs such as Photoshop, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Canva, Figma, and Pitch.

It’s a wonderful tool that teachers can use for teaching and creating digital content. Also, students can use it to incorporate visuals taken from the real world into their assignments.

The beta version has already gathered 100k active users in less than one week after its release. People across industries have expressed, through thousands of messages and reviews on social media, how this tool was going to help them save hours of work.

How Does ClipDrop Work?

On the desktop, ClipDrop works as a screen capture tool, allowing users to capture whatever that is displayed on their screens.

With the mobile app, users can instantly paste visuals taken with their phone’s camera into their computers. The procedure is easy: They point the camera at an object, press the shutter, and ClipDrop will automatically clip it for them. When the desktop is connected to the mobile app, they can simply bring their phone close to the computer and wait for the wireless transfer to complete.


1. Capture directly from your desktop and just drag & drop to any other app.

ClipDrop: Great Tool to Copy Physical Objects into Documents 1

2. Incredibly accurate background removal: It uses state of the art vision AI to provide the best analysis & cut-out technology, no matter what you’re capturing.

ClipDrop: Great Tool to Copy Physical Objects into Documents 2

3. Integrates with your workflow: Drag & drop images directly to any other app or website.

ClipDrop: Great Tool to Copy Physical Objects into Documents 3


ClipDrop is available on Google Store, App Store, macOS, and Windows.


The public beta lets you try 10 clips for free (text & photos are unlimited). Unlimited clips and full access to all features on all platforms cost $39.99 for a year.


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