What is Cleverbooks Augmented Reality World Map?

Cleverbooks Augmented Reality World Map is an augmented reality map that allows students to travel through continents in 3D, see the geography of different lands, and check out their weather and seasons.  They will also get information about geographical peculiarities, political structures, land & water animals, plants, heritage, and monuments.

How Does this Cleverbooks Augmented Reality World Map Work?

Educational Value
  • Increase kids’ motivation to learn and level of engagement
  • Practical learning using auditory, kinesthetic, and visual receptors
  • Teach kids to use technology strategically to acquire 21st-century skills
  • Make homework & learning fun
  • Increase retention rate by 100%
  1. Get your World Map.
  2. Download and launch a FREE CleverBooks Geography App from Google Play or App Store.
  3. Select Continents and face the camera of your mobile device on the World Map to explore its wonders.

Cleverbooks Augmented Reality World Map

General Product Features
  • Augmented Reality powered map of the world poster
  • STEM certified software content
  • Global curriculum-based software content
  • No internet connection required once the app is installed
  • No technical skills needed to use software
  • Regular software updates forever free
  • No hidden costs

Cleverbooks Augmented Reality World Map

Augmented Reality Features
  • Geographical peculiarities of the continents
  • Political structure
  • Monuments and other heritage
  • Flora and fauna
  • Water animals!
  • Interactive weather for each season
  • Interesting facts about each animal, feed the Animal mode … and much more!

Cleverbooks Augmented Reality World Map


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