Plickers: Free & Interesting Student Response System App

What is Plickers?

Plickers, the student response system app, is a formative assessment tool that allows teachers to collect on-the-spot formative assessment data without the need for student devices.

It’s a free, interactive formative assessment tool that uses printable “paper clickers” instead of clicker devices. Each student is assigned a unique Plickers card that has a black and white image similar to a QR code. The letters A, B, C, and D are written in small print around the edge of the image, with one letter on each side of the card.

During the lesson, the teacher displays a multiple-choice or true-false question. Then students hold up their cards and rotate them to indicate which answer they think is correct. The teacher scans all of the response cards at once, using the Plickers app (Apple or Google) installed on a mobile device to get instant feedback. He or she can instantly see the student responses and assessment data for that question including who has the correct answer and who does not.

How Does this Student Response System App Work?

Getting Started 

For using this interesting student response system app, check out the following guide:

Download the Plickers App

Download this formative assessment tool from  or from App Store.

Plickers: Free & Interesting Student Response System App 1

Answering Prompts

Students can hold up their personal cards (which resemble QR codes) in order to respond to teacher prompts. The direction that students hold the card determines the answer choice which will be recorded. There are also multiple variations on response cards that can be printed here, along with laminated versions that can be purchased from Amazon.



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