Bookful: Awesome AR Books for Kids & Toddlers

What is Bookful?

Bookful is an AR books for kids App that uses the augmented reality technology to bring books to life. The App merges the digital and the physical worlds to create an interactive reading experience that instils in children a passion for books.

It is an incredibly powerful reading tool that helps children better understand book content and even provides information that extends beyond its pages. It’s an App containing AR books for kids and kinesthetic learners alike. It engages their visual and auditory senses by generating enhanced interactivity with the book and additional stimuli.

How Does it Work?

Key Benefits

Bookful has transformed reading into a 3D&AR interactive learning experience.

  • Educational Value: Track your child’s progress, achievements, and earned badges
  • Parent-Child Bonding: Provides fun & educational family reading time
  • Personalized Learning: Personalized according to interests and reading level
  • Kid-Safe & Ad-Free: Easy to use, ad-free, and KidSafe certified
  • Independent reading: Practice pronunciation, reading, and spelling
  • Productive Screen Time: Provides high-quality and educational screen time


Skill Set
  • Speech & Language
  • Creativity
  • Life Skills
  • Movement & Self Expression
  • Math
  • Reading
Fun and Educational Games

Bookful is not just about books, they also offer hundreds of fun and educational games in order to enrich their user’s educational experience:

  • Quiz: Answer interactive quiz questions about the books
  • Spell it: Practice spelling with our adaptive spelling game
  • AR Paint: Showcase creativity by painting beloved characters and see them come to life in AR
  • Say it: Learn how to pronounce correctly words you learn from the books
  • AR Dance: Feeling energized? Dance with your favorite character in AR
  • Repeat After Me: Test your memory skills with this fun game!


Download the App

Download it from App Store or Google Play.


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Narrator AR: Amazing Augmented Reality App for Writing

What is Narrator AR?

Technology in education is moving at a fast pace. As early childhood educators look for ways to integrate technology into their classroom, they find quality tools are scarce.

Pioneering immersive technology for kindergarten, Narrator AR is an Augmented Reality App for writing that uses the AR technology to animate handwritten letters off the page. It encourages children at this vital stage of early childhood education to engage the essential fine motor and cognitive skills associated with handwriting.

With simple and intuitive controls children choose a rocket or unicorn character to trace the letters they have written. The letters appear in augmented reality as a layer of almost magic rocket dust or rainbows over the child’s original work.

How Does it W?

Download the App

Enjoy Narrator AR now available on the App Store or Google Play.

Create your Writing Templates

Create your writing templates at and follow this exciting brand story on social media @narratorAR.




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Free & Beautiful Augmented Reality Christmas Card App

What is the Augmented Reality Christmas Card?

Free & Beautiful Augmented Reality Christmas Card App 1Make this holiday season different by bringing life to your students’ greeting cards! Augmented Reality Christmas Card app lets your students experience the season of love through the Augmented Reality technology. By pointing their tablet or mobile phone at the card, the illustrations on the cover will be animated with joyful music of the season!

How Does it Work?


1- Print out the Christmas card below.

Augmented Reality Christmas Card App
2- Download AR Christmas app from the Apple Store or Google Store.
3- Point the camera of the device at the card and enjoy the engaging Augmented Reality experience!


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QuiverVision: Amazing AR Coloring App with more than 150+ Sheets

What is QuiverVision Coloring App?

QuiverVision is an AR coloring App that combines physical coloring with the augmented reality technology to bring teachers and students an extraordinarily magical experience! When students finish coloring the sheet, they can use the QuiverVision App to animate its content, interact with the 3D objects and enjoy the in-app quizzes, and games!

How does it work?


1- Print out your page from the Coloring Packs.
2- Color it with pencils, crayons, markers, or paint.
3- Download and install the Quiver – 3D Coloring app from the Apple Store or the Play Store.
4- Scan the QR Code on the bottom of the coloring sheet.
5- Scan the coloring sheet to animate your image and bring it to life in 3D.
6- Interact with the 3D objects, in-app quizzes, and games.

QuiverVision: Amazing AR Coloring App with more than 150+ Sheets 2

Educational Value
  • Students participating in active and immersive learning environments are 1.5 times more likely to succeed than students in traditional learning environments.
  • It has been proven that students retain 3x as much information from things they actively experience compared to what they read and hear!
  • Augmented Reality coloring technology help students better visualize & understand various learning subjects.
  • Students will enjoy interacting with the 3D objects, the in-app quizzes, and games.
  • The AR coloring sheets add a lot of engagement to coloring. Students will love seeing their color choices come to life!
Why Subscribe?
  • QuiverVision platform is your one-stop shop for Augmented Reality content and lesson plans for Pre-K to Year 4 and beyond.
  • It is an educational platform that utilizes Augmented Reality coloring technology to help students better visualize & understand various learning subjects.
  • Created by teachers & ambassadors, the Augmented Reality lessons are designed to meet the needs of all students by incorporating a variety of activities, so you can start using augmented reality in your classroom right away!
  • Over 27 million educators and students engage, learn, and collaborate with QuiverVision throughout the year.
Quiver AR Coloring Sheet
Subscription includes
  • Access to an extensive range of AR coloring experiences (150+ coloring sheets).
  • Access to a repository of supportive supplementary material and activity plans for teachers, students and parents to use in combination with the 3D content they have access to.
  • Access to the Educators’ community on Facebook!
How much does it cost?

The cost to subscribe depends on the license plan you choose and the country you live in. There are 5 plans to choose from: 10 seats, 30 seats, 75 seats, 150 seats and a 500 seat school plan. As an approximate guide, if you live in New Zealand the monthly costs are: $5 for 10 seats, $9 for 30 seats, $12 for 75 seats, $18 for 150 seats and $45 for 500 seats.

Plans for 75 seats, 150 seats & 500 seats also offer extra features to make it easier for the account to be managed by several teachers. This makes classroom management much easier as multiple teachers can create & manage their own classes within the same license plan. We also offer discounted annual subscription options. To see your specific rates, please sign up for the free 7-day trial & click on the ‘License Plan’ button within the dashboard.

How to Subscribe & Use the Education Dashboard?

Sign up for a free trial of QuiverVision EDU Dashboard to experience it for yourself! Unlock over 150+ coloring sheets, digital teaching aids,and resources like activity plans and more!

Check out the Getting Started Kit here. Don’t forget to use the CODE “QVTECHEDUC” for a 5% DISCOUNT!

Quiver AR Coloring Sheet
Coloring Packs

More than 150+ quiver coloring pages covering different educational topics to use in your classroom! Download them here!

  • Animal ABC

The Animal ABC pack includes an augmented reality coloring sheet for 26 animals – one animal for each letter of the alphabet! The experiences include a path of motion game, a drag and drop game as well as lots of phonics to listen to! Overall, a very fun & engaging way for kids to learn about the alphabet and associated animals.

  • Numbers

The QuiverVision Numbers pack includes an augmented reality coloring sheet for each number from 1 to 10! The pages provide a fun & cool way for kids to learn about simple numbers. The pack also includes interactive quizzes for all grades and other engaging learning activities.

  • Science

Try out the new Science pack which includes Plant Lifecycle, Water Lifecycle, Food Chain, Plant Cell, Animal Cell & Volcano.

  • Platonic Solids

Feel the power of the 5 Platonic Solids and discover the magical elements of each solid. A polyhedron is composed of 12 faces and represents the fifth element ether, added by Aristotle. A hexahedron is a solid object bounded by six square faces and represents the classical element of earth. A polyhedron is composed of 20 faces and represents the classical element water. A polyhedron is composed of eight faces and represents the classical element of air. A polyhedron is composed of four triangular faces and represents the classical element of fire. Watch them take shape and come to life on your desk!

  • Aquatic Animals

QuiverVision Aquatic Animals adds new premium pages: the Octopus, Duck and two Dolphin pages.

  • Dinosaurs

Try the new Dinosaur pack! The pack includes Velociraptor, Triceratops, Dilophosauraus, Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex), Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Compsognathus & Pterodactyl!

  • Landmarks

Seven iconic landmarks from around the world! Each page features a famous landmark and an animal from that country that can be colored in! Bring the page to life to see the landmark and animal in augmented reality, and to browse interesting facts about them.

  • Holidays

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween, bring your favorite holiday celebrations to life!

  • Aircrafts

Color & learn about iconic aircraft from history! We’ve included six of the most famous fighter planes: the Spitfire, Sopwith Camel, de Havilland Vampire, Fokker Dr. I Red Baron, Lockheed P-38 Lightning and Me 262!

  • Earth Day

Earth day is a secular holiday dedicated to bringing awareness to the state of the planet with the goal of inspiring the world to unite under the common cause of protecting and restoring our planet. It has grown into an international movement, with over 1 billion people mobilized into action each year. Check out the new eARth day page, along with some amazing lesson/activity plans developed for the “Restore our Earth” official 2021 theme!


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Best Augmented Reality World Map for Better Learning in 2022

What is Cleverbooks Augmented Reality World Map?

Cleverbooks Augmented Reality World Map is an augmented reality map that allows students to travel through continents in 3D, see the geography of different lands, and check out their weather and seasons.  They will also get information about geographical peculiarities, political structures, land & water animals, plants, heritage, and monuments.

How Does this Cleverbooks Augmented Reality World Map Work?

Educational Value
  • Increase kids’ motivation to learn and level of engagement
  • Practical learning using auditory, kinesthetic, and visual receptors
  • Teach kids to use technology strategically to acquire 21st-century skills
  • Make homework & learning fun
  • Increase retention rate by 100%
  1. Get your World Map.
  2. Download and launch a FREE CleverBooks Geography App from Google Play or App Store.
  3. Select Continents and face the camera of your mobile device on the World Map to explore its wonders.

Cleverbooks Augmented Reality World Map

General Product Features
  • Augmented Reality powered map of the world poster
  • STEM certified software content
  • Global curriculum-based software content
  • No internet connection required once the app is installed
  • No technical skills needed to use software
  • Regular software updates forever free
  • No hidden costs

Cleverbooks Augmented Reality World Map

Augmented Reality Features
  • Geographical peculiarities of the continents
  • Political structure
  • Monuments and other heritage
  • Flora and fauna
  • Water animals!
  • Interactive weather for each season
  • Interesting facts about each animal, feed the Animal mode … and much more!

Cleverbooks Augmented Reality World Map


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Space 4D+: Best 4D Space App

What is Space 4D+?

Space 4D+ by Octagon Studio is an AR space app that allows learners to scan printed space cards and witness the space comes to life with the augmented reality technology!

Learners will learn interesting and informative facts in AR mode about the solar system, the planets, the space objects, the satellites, the rovers, the space missions, etc.

This space 4D app brings a new way of seeing space in Augmented Reality. It gives an unforgettable experience and will always leave a smile on the faces of children and adults alike.

How Does This AR Space App work?


1. Download Space 4D+ app from the App Store and Play Store
2. Open the app
3. Place the card on a surface and scan it with your device’s camera
4. Input the serial number in the pop up serial box
5. After the authorization is completed, you can directly see the images come alive!

Flashcards’ Specifications
  • Language: English
  • Cards: 27 pieces (26 Space Cards + 1 Instructions Card)
  • Weight: 90 grams | 0.19 lbs
  • Dimension: 11.7 cm x 7.2 cm x 1.1 cm | 4.6 inch x 2.8 inch x 0.4 inch
  • Paper Finish: Durable Thick Art Paper (Doff Laminated)

Space 4D+

Space 4D App Details
  • Platform: iOS | Android
  • Age: 4+
  • App Size: 246.3 MB (iOS) | 83 MB (Android)
  • Min OS: iOS 7.0 | Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Languages: English (US), English (UK), Turkish, Korean, Arabic, Persian, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, German, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese
Lesson Plan, Case Studies, and Brochure
Get the flashcards

Order your flashcards here:

Samples of AR Space Flashcards

Download the Space 4D app, scan the samples below, and enjoy this AR space app experience!

Space 4D+: Best 4D Space App 3

Space 4D+: Best 4D Space App 4

Space 4D+: Best 4D Space App 5


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