Dinosaurs 4D+: AR Dinosaurs App

Dinosaurs 4D+: AR Dinosaurs App

Dinosaurs 4D+ by Octagon Studio is an AR dinosaurs App that gives the learners the prehistoric experience of unleashing extinct Dinosaurs which existed millions of years ago on Earth! By pointing their mobiles or tablets on the flashcards, learners can watch the dinosaurs in 3D action and catch glimpses of the history, features and interesting facts.

They can rotate, zoom in and out the Dinosaurs to see the actual details in 360-degree view by moving the devices. They can also spot the origins of the dinosaurs from the enormous Sauropods to the tiny Compsognathus all over the globe, compare human body size with each dinosaurs, tap to see them in action, and share the knowledge to others.

Get the flashcards here.

Download Dinosaurs 4D+ from Google Play or from App Store.

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