AstroReality: A wonderful AR Solar System Set

What is AstroReality?

AstroReality’s Education solution is a technology bridge between tactile and digital to discover the space like never before!

With their AR Solar System Mini set, students can interact and visualize the planets through the Augmented Reality technology by pointing their devices on the 3D printed planetary models.

Working with these AR replicas, students are engaged in an immersive learning process; they will see the planets come to life their location and their rotation speed around the sun. In addition, they will have access to information and data directly from NASA and other accredited sources at the tip of your fingers.

Each planetary model is crafted and designed to utilize the highest quality renderings of the planets. It’s also precisely made with up to 0.1millimeters per pixel precision based on NASA data.


How to use this AR solar system set?


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AstroReality: A wonderful AR Solar System Set 1



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Incredible Digital Aquarium for Kids

Quiver new Digital Aquarium environment is incredible! It’s used to link the mobile Augmented Reality coloring experiences with large, shared, and public displays. Overall, it can combine different AR colored fish with other additional features and educational elements.

Digital Aquarium

When students finish coloring the sheets containing different types of fish (Star Fish, Sea Shell, Jellyfish), they can scan them using the Quiver App to magically bring their fish to life with the Augmented Reality technology. Afterwards, teachers can submit all the classroom’s custom-colored sheets to the Digital Aquarium where students can watch their fish swim all together on the large screen!

This digital environment has become a quite popular product across schools, STEM Labs, events, libraries, museums, conferences, etc…

Order your Digital Aquarium here!

Digital Aquarium


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Interesting AR Periodic Table

ANSTO released the new AR periodic table where students learn more about its elements through the Augmented Reality technology. It reveals a world of protons, neutrons, and electrons and illustrates how useful they are to science and industry when students point their tablets at it.

This AR Periodic Table could be printed on A3 or A0 papers and displayed in labs or in classrooms where students use their devices with the related App to see new and engaging information about some of the most popular elements; including the arrangement of the atom and information on how the element is used in everyday life.

ANSTO AR Periodic Table

AR Periodic Table

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Download the A3 poster here


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Amazing AR Dinosaurs App

Dinosaurs 4D+ by Octagon Studio is an AR dinosaurs App that gives the learners the prehistoric experience of unleashing extinct Dinosaurs which existed millions of years ago on Earth! By pointing their mobiles or tablets on the flashcards, learners can watch the dinosaurs in 3D action and catch glimpses of the history, features, and interesting facts.

They can rotate, zoom in, and out the Dinosaurs to see the actual details in a 360-degree view by moving the devices. They can also spot the origins of the dinosaurs from the enormous Sauropods to the tiny Compsognathus all over the globe, compare human body size with each dinosaur, tap to see them in action, and share the knowledge to others.

Get the AR Dinosaurs flashcards here.

Download Dinosaurs 4D+ from Google Play or from App Store.

Octagon Studio


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Bookful: Amazing Augmented Reality Books for Kids and Toddlers

Bookful is an AR books App that uses the augmented reality technology to bring books to life. The App merges the digital and the physical worlds to create an interactive reading experience that instils in children a passion for books.

It is an incredibly powerful reading tool that helps children better understand book content and even provides information that extends beyond its pages. It’s an App containing augmented reality books for kids and kinesthetic learners alike. It engages their visual and auditory senses by generating enhanced interactivity with the book and additional stimuli.


How does this “augmented reality books for kids” App work?


Download the App

Download it from App Store or Google Play.



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Plickers: Student Response System

Plickers, the student response system App, is a real-time assessment tool that allows teachers to collect on-the-spot formative assessment data without the need for student devices. They can scan students’ Plickers cards with the Plickers App to get instant feedback on the lesson.

Print out your cards here or purchase a set on Amazon.

Download Plickers from Google Play or from App Store.


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