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4 Easy Steps to Create a Bitmoji Classroom in Microsoft Teams

Bitmoji Classroom invaded the education community as several schools switched to distance learning to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers across the globe are spending time creatively developing theirs!

When embedded successfully in the school’s LMS, students will definitely love this rich classroom environment containing an avatar playing the teacher’s role. They will also enjoy the interactive elements allowing them to click through to see assignments, documents, videos, and websites.

Now it’s your turn to create a virual classroom to enhance your distance learning experience!

Bitmoji Preschool Classroom Template

Download the bitmoji microsoft teams template here.

How to Create a Bitmoji Classroom in Microsoft Teams?
1. Design your avatar on Bitmoji

Download the Bitmoji app from the App Store or Play Store and create your Bitmoji by selecting physical features like hair, mouth, eye color, and an outfit. When you finish creating your character, you can cast it in a huge array of activities, such as reading, singing, or even eating.

A tutorial video by Elisabeth Peacock

2. Add the Bitmoji extension to Google Chrome

Download the Bitmoji Google Chrome extension, which allows you to choose an activity for your Bitmoji (reading, laughing, saying “hello”) to copy and paste into the PowerPoint document containing your virtual classroom.

A tutorial video by Elisabeth Peacock

3. Create a Bitmoji Classroom in Microsoft PowerPoint

Follow the steps mentioned in the tutorial video below to create a virtual classroom and decorate it. Choose the needed material from the resources below and then add the interactive elements that allow your students to click through to see assignments, documents, videos, and websites.

– Giant Bitmoji Library for Sharing: https://bit.ly/34Ufb6T
– Everything to Build your Own Room: https://bit.ly/3gSbils

A tutorial video by Elisabeth Peacock

4. Embed the Virtual Classroom in Microsoft Teams

Follow the steps mentioned in the tutorial video below to embed your virtual classroom in Microsoft Teams.

A tutorial video by Elisabeth Peacock

Bitmoji Classroom Ideas
bitmoji science lab

Download the bitmoji science lab here.

bitmoji sports classroom

Download the bitmoji sports classroom here.

bitmoji library template

Download the bitmoji library here.

Check out more bitmoji classroom templates here!

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8 Useful Live-Video Platforms for Distance Learning

To fight the spread of COVID-19 and maintain healthy social distancing, schools have temporarily closed and quickly transitioned from on-campus to online learning. In line with this, Unesco shared 8 useful live-video platforms for distance learning.

Below is a list of the most used live-video platforms for distance learning!

Dingtalk is a communication platform that supports video conferencing, task and calendar management, attendance tracking, and instant messaging.



Lark is a collaboration suite of interconnected tools that includes chat, calendar, creation and cloud storage, in Japanese, Korean, Italian and English.


Google Meet

Google Meet is a video call platform integrated with other Google’s G-Suite tools.

google meet

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams contains chat, meetings, calls, and collaboration features integrated with Microsoft Office software.

microsoft teams


Skype has video and audio calls, chat, and collaboration features.



WeCom is a messaging, content sharing, and video/audio-conferencing tool with the possibility of including max. 300 participants, available in English and Chinese.



WhatsApp is a mobile application with video and audio calls, messaging, and content sharing.



Zoom is a cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars.



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AstroReality: A Wonderful AR Solar System Set

What is AstroReality?

AstroReality’s Education solution is a technology bridge between tactile and digital to discover the space like never before!

With their Solar System Mini set, students can interact and visualize the planets through the Augmented Reality technology by pointing their devices at the 3D printed planetary models.

Working with these AR replicas, students are engaged in an immersive learning process; they will see the planets come to life their location, and their rotation speed around the sun. In addition, they will have access to information and data directly from NASA and other accredited sources at the tip of their fingers.

Each planetary model is crafted and designed to utilize the highest quality renderings of the planets. It’s also precisely made with up to 0.1millimeters per pixel precision based on NASA data.

How Does this AR Solar System Mini Set Work?

Solar System Mini Demo

Get the Solar System Mini Set

Get it here: https://bit.ly/34HQWbY


AstroReality: A Wonderful AR Solar System Set 1


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Incredible AR Digital Aquarium for Kids by QuiverVision

What is the AR digital aquarium?

QuiverVision new AR digital aquarium environment is incredible! It’s used to link the mobile AR coloring experiences with large, shared, and public displays. Overall, it can combine different AR-colored fish with other additional features and educational elements.

Digital Aquarium

When students finish coloring the sheets containing different types of fish (Star Fish, Sea Shell, Jellyfish), they can scan them using the Quiver App to magically bring their fish to life with the Augmented Reality technology. Afterward, teachers can submit all the classroom’s custom-colored sheets to the digital environment where students can watch their fish swim all together on the large screen!

Digital Aquarium

This digital environment has become a quite popular product across schools, STEM Labs, events, libraries, museums, conferences, etc…

How Does This AR Coloring Digital Aquarium Work?

Download the Quiver App

Download the Quiver app from the Apple Store or Google Store.

Order Your Digital Aquarium Here!

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KUBO Robot: Amazing Tool to Teach Coding for Kids

What is Kubo Robot?

KUBO Robot is a simple, intuitive solution that teaches coding for kids without a computer. It consists of a small robot on two wheels and a set of thin puzzle pieces that fit together to create programming chains and evolve the robot. These puzzles contain symbols, letters, and numbers that also allow children to learn some language skills, mathematics concepts, and music.

KUBO comes with beautifully illustrated lesson plans and task cards, as well as video tutorials and quick start guides to help educators properly integrate it into their classrooms.

How Does this Coding for Kids Tool Work?

Get The KUBO Sets

Choose from starter sets, add-on TagTile® sets, and kUBO bundles:

KUBO Coding

KUBO Coding introduces concepts of functions, loops, and subroutines.

KUBO Coding+

KUBO Coding+ adds dimensions of time, distance, speed, and direction.

KUBO coding++

KUBO Coding++ introduces events, variables, and conditions.

KUBO bundles

KUBO bundles for a full coding solution.


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ANSTO XR: Awesome AR Periodic Table for Students

What is ANSTO AR Periodic Table?

ANSTO XR released a new AR periodic table where students learn more about its elements through the Augmented Reality technology. It reveals a world of protons, neutrons, and electrons and illustrates how useful they are to science and industry when students point their tablets at it.

The program is designed to make STEM subjects engaging and exciting for the next generation, according to the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews.

“It’s so important that we get as many children as possible studying these subjects because so many of the jobs of the future will require the skills,” said Andrews.

How to Use it?

Teachers need to simply download the free app, get the students to point their device at the ANSTO periodic poster on a wall (or the pocket poster) and instantly students can see new and engaging information about some of the most popular elements; including the arrangement of the atom and information on how the element is used in everyday life.

If you don’t have an ANSTO AR periodic table poster you can download one and print it landscape on an A3 sheet to bring the elements to life. It should be hung on a wall to maximize usability.

ANSTO AR Periodic Table

Download ANSTO XR

The App is available on the App Store and Play Store and is free to download.

ANSTO AR Periodic Table


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