zSpace: Wonderful AR/VR Laptop

zSpace: Wonderful AR/VR Laptop

zSpace is an AR/VR laptop that provides students with a new way of learning by bringing together the augmented and virtual reality technologies. Its learning methodology consists of a combination of hardware, software and educational content where students are completely immersed in a learning experience that facilitates the building of a curriculum around it.


zSpace: AR/VR laptop

zSpace applications offer a realistic study environment by providing virtual-holographic images that can be “lifted” from the screen and manipulated with the stylus. Some applications also provide multi-sensory feedback; for example, students working with a virtual heart can see it pumping, hear it, and feel it beating.

zSpace: AR/VR Laptop

zSpace: AR/VR Laptop

The AR/VR laptop comes with glasses that work in conjunction with its tracking system to provide users with an interactive AR/VR experience and a stylus that allows them to bring the objects out of the screen and into reality. It also offers interesting K-12 applications; some of them are listed below:

Franklin's Lab
Franklin’s Lab – guides students through electricity concepts and troubleshooting faulty circuits. Students can follow guided activities and repair broken switches and motors in Workbench mode.

Euclid's Shapes
Euclid’s Shapes – offers activities with math manipulatives and provides teachers with a guide to math learning. Students learn with Base-10 blocks, Square Tiles, Fraction Bars, and more!

Curies Elements
Curie’s Elements – allows students to explore a periodic table with Bohr and atomic models for each element. Students can also build elements by adding protons, neutrons, and electrons.

MEL Chemistry
MEL Chemistry – provides an engaging visualization and explanation of chemistry concepts – from atoms to molecules including the periodic table, gas laws, and isomerism.

Experiences – include experiential-based simulations of Earth, Life, and Physical Science topics allowing students to manipulate content while learning abstract concepts.

Human Anatomy Atlas
Human Anatomy Atlas – is an award-winning human anatomy general reference. Students can explore human body systems, over 4,600 anatomical structures, and more!

Geogebra Classic – allows students to better engage in math concepts related to three-dimensional topics. Students can explore functions, geometry, algebra, calculus, and 3D math.

Newton's Park
Newton’s Park – allows students to run or create their own experiments to deepen their knowledge of Newtonian Mechanics. Students can build simulations while interacting with data.


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Dinosaurs 4D+: AR Dinosaurs App

Dinosaurs 4D+: AR Dinosaurs App

Dinosaurs 4D+ by Octagon Studio is an AR dinosaurs App that gives the learners the prehistoric experience of unleashing extinct Dinosaurs which existed millions of years ago on Earth! By pointing their mobiles or tablets on the flashcards, learners can watch the dinosaurs in 3D action and catch glimpses of the history, features and interesting facts.

They can rotate, zoom in and out the Dinosaurs to see the actual details in 360-degree view by moving the devices. They can also spot the origins of the dinosaurs from the enormous Sauropods to the tiny Compsognathus all over the globe, compare human body size with each dinosaurs, tap to see them in action, and share the knowledge to others.

Get the flashcards here.

Download Dinosaurs 4D+ from Google Play or from App Store.

Octagon Studio


Bookful: Augmented Reality Books for Kids

Bookful: Augmented Reality Books for Kids

Bookful is an augmented reality books App that uses the augmented reality technology to bring books to life. The app merges the digital and the physical worlds to create an interactive reading experience that instils in children a passion for books. It is an incredibly powerful reading tool that helps children better understand book content and even provides information that extends beyond the pages of the book. It engages visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners alike by enhancing a book’s interactivity and generating additional stimuli.



Download Bookful from App Store or Google Play.



Narrator AR: Writing Augmented Reality App

Narrator AR: Writing Augmented Reality App

Technology in education is moving at a fast pace. As early childhood educators look for ways to integrate technology into their classroom, they find quality tools are scarce.


Pioneering immersive technology for kindergarten, the new Narrator AR app is a writing augmented reality App that uses the AR technology to animate handwritten letters off the page. It encourages children at this vital stage of early childhood education to engage the essential fine motor and cognitive skills associated with handwriting.


With simple and intuitive controls children choose a rocket or unicorn character to trace the letters they have written. The letters appear in augmented reality as a layer of almost magic rocket dust or rainbows over child’s original work.


Enjoy Narrator AR now available on the App Store or Google Play.


Create your writing templates at https://www.narratorar.com.au/ and follow this exciting brand story on social media @narratorAR.


Narrator AR
Augmented Reality at Saint Mary’s Orthodox College

Augmented Reality at Saint Mary’s Orthodox College

Grade 3 learners at Saint Mary’s Orthodox College (SMOC) in Lebanon wrapped up the Solar System unit through the augmented reality App Space 4D+ by Octagon Studio. They played the role of astronauts in observing the different planets of the solar system, their color, size and revolution around the sun.


This activity increased learners’ engagement and motivation. It also provided them with the chance to explore the planets in 3D and visualize them as they really are in space leaving behind an unforgettable experience!





Saint Mary’s Orthodox College
Augmented Reality Christmas Card App

Augmented Reality Christmas Card App

Make this holiday season different by bringing life to your students’ greeting cards! Augmented Reality Christmas Card App lets your students experience the season of love through Augmented Reality. By pointing their tablet or mobile phone at the card, the illustrations on the cover will be animated with joyful music of the season!

How to use AR Christmas Card App:
1- Print out the card from the following link: https://bit.ly/2zVArJ4
2- Download AR Christmas App:
3- Point the camera of the device at the card and enjoy the engaging Augmented Reality experience!


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