What is BOOKR Class?

BOOKR Class features advanced multimedia content produced fully in-house that combines original animation, music, interactive games, storytelling, animated flashcards with 4,000 words, and a vast library of children’s books from prestigious publishers including Oxford University Press, Albert Whitman & Company, and Blue Apple Publishing to deliver a first-of-its-kind ESL tool for both classroom and home use.

Organized in multiple levels that specifically address all age groups from kindergarten through eighth grade, BOOKR Classutilizes Accidental Learning as a basis for its comprehensive approach to teaching English.  A burgeoning new category of instruction, Accidental Learning occurs when the student is immersed in a range of activities and experiences outside of the scope of traditional instruction that leads to learning.

This educational app promotes learning English vocabulary and structure as a by-product of enjoying the app’s diverse interactive elements.  To continuously measure each child’s reading ability, It employs Lexile® Framework for Reading learning measurement technology.  The app is also breaking new ground with its inclusion of flashcards powered by AI-based speech analysis that enables kids to practice pronunciation and receive instant feedback.

For the classroom, BOOKR Class provides teachers with a complete teacher’s dashboard that can monitor progress and help design custom sessions.  Designed for total flexibility, it presents more than 100 lesson plans, activity tips, printables, and a corresponding search engine providing teachers with instant access to the most thematically appropriate supplementary lessons for their class.

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BOOKR Class offers a 3-in-1 solution for teachers and students: a fast-growing digital library and a teacher’s dashboard for tracking engagement and reading activity.

1. BOOKR Class Library App for Students 

  • Engaged Students
    Improve reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and social-emotional skills – thanks to 1000+ beautifully animated books, interactive games and flashcards.
  • Safe Learning Environment
    Ad-free application with thoroughly researched content 
by educators, children literature experts and psychologists.
 Accessible on mobile devices, computers, online and offline.

2. Online Teacher’s Dashboard for Teachers

  • Time-Saver and Data-Driven
    Easy-to-use platform with reading statisics, automatic exercise correction, book assignments, search engine, activity tips and printables.
  • Curriculum Ready
    Choose the best titles for your curriculum – thanks to carefully selected and labeled EFL/ESL content and the built-in search engine.

3. BOOKR Classroom App

  • Present books and games in entertaining and interactive ways – remotely or in-class, through screen share, interactive board or projector.

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BOOKR Class enhances stories to improve language skills through its:

  • Engaging Animated Content
  • Authentic Native Narration
  • Guiding Text Highlighting
  • Fun Educational Games
  • Quiz
  • Placement Test
  • Annotation
  • Assigned Books

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BOOKR Class is designed for teachers by teachers. To help children reach their full potential, our product development follows a proven researched methodology with texts and activities designed for individual and classroom learning. The illustrations and animations support the understanding of the texts, but don’t distract from reading, while the educational games practise the linguistic elements in a focused, fun and entertaining way. Read more

  • World-famous stories in English, adapted to the linguistic needs of language learners, from beginner to intermediate levels (recommended age group: 3-12);
  • Contemporary nonfiction and fiction stories written for language learning and reading comprehension development purposes;
  • Educational games and exercises (spelling, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening and reading, grammar and chunks, reading comprehension, useful expressions, mazes, coloring, puzzles, “find the difference,” etc.);
  • BOOKR is in partnership with Oxford University Press to provide classic world literature for young learners (The Jungle Book, Around the World in Eighty Days, Romeo and Juliet, The Wizard of Oz, etc.). Read more

Compiled by English as a Second Language teachers, experts on children’s literature and academics, the BOOKR Class library offers titles on six levels based on CEFR guidelines and the Lexile measurement. Classics and modern favourites of world literature, nursery rhymes, songs, unique stories by our in-house authors, as well as additional materials on civilisation and cultural insights, flashcards and fun activities provide an engaging teaching and learning experience. Check out the full library here.


1. Beginner

  • Book Title: At the Market
  • Description: Tomatoes, strawberries, bananas: what else can you find at a market? Let’s shop together!

BOOKR Class: Best Storytelling App for Kids in 2021 4

2. Pre Elementary

  • Book Title: A Day at the Beach
  • Description: Nobody likes it when the beach is dirty. Help the kids to clean it up.

BOOKR Class: Best Storytelling App for Kids in 2021 5

3. Elementary

  • Book Title: Around the World in Eighty Days I
  • Description: Phileas Fogg must get back to London by 21st December or lose all his money. Read the story and find out whether he succeeds.

BOOKR Class: Best Storytelling App for Kids in 2021 6

4. Pre Intermediate

  • Book Title: Countries and Nationalities
  • Description: There are almost two hundred countries in the world! What are these and how do we call their citizens? Let’s see and learn some of them!

BOOKR Class: Best Storytelling App for Kids in 2021 7

5. Low Intermediate

  • Book Title: A Scandal in Bohemia
  • Description: The King of Bohemia visits Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson and asks for help. A young lady, Irene Adler, is involved. Read the story and find out what happens.

BOOKR Class: Best Storytelling App for Kids in 2021 8

6. Intermediate

  • Book Title: Homophones
  • Description: Homophone: each of two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings. Learn about homophones with the funniest illustrations.

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1. Download BOOKR Class library for students

  • Install the library application on the devices your students use. It works both on tablets (App StoreGoogle Store) and computers.
  • You’ll generate their access code online in step n°2.

2. Online Teacher’s Dashboard for Teachers

3. BOOKR Classroom App

  • Do you want to share educational content in-class or online?
  • Download the Classroom App on mobile (App StoreGoogle Store) or on the desktop and project any book or game easily.

BOOKR Class: Best Storytelling App for Kids in 2021 10


As an educator or school leader, you are eligible for a FREE 14 days trial.

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