What is AstroReality?

AstroReality’s Education solution is a technology bridge between tactile and digital to discover the space like never before!

With their Solar System Mini set, students can interact and visualize the planets through the Augmented Reality technology by pointing their devices at the 3D printed planetary models.

Working with these AR replicas, students are engaged in an immersive learning process; they will see the planets come to life their location, and their rotation speed around the sun. In addition, they will have access to information and data directly from NASA and other accredited sources at the tip of their fingers.

Each planetary model is crafted and designed to utilize the highest quality renderings of the planets. It’s also precisely made with up to 0.1millimeters per pixel precision based on NASA data.

How Does this AR Solar System Mini Set Work?

Solar System Mini Demo

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AstroReality: A Wonderful AR Solar System Set 1


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