What is Animaker?

Animaker is an online video maker that allows users to create and share animated videos for free. Using this software, you can create 5 different video-making styles starting from 2D, 2.5D, handcraft, typography & Infography.

Characteristic Features of this Online Video Maker
  • The Video making app is easy to use and does not require any prior experience in video making. Learning to use the app is a breeze.
  • Simply drag and drop characters and other assets to create animated videos.
  • You can directly download your video in HD or full HD or share it on Youtube.
  • The app supports all major browsers.
  • First animated video making app to use camera movement and object movement together in a smooth manner (you will get to know as you use Animaker).
  • The library has a huge collection of Characters, backgrounds, properties, effects, sounds, and music to choose from.
  • Other features include 2.5D animation, In-Built SFX, and Multimove. You can either record voice-over or upload a pre-recorded one.


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