Using bitmoji classrooms during distance learning is now trending. Check out these bitmoji classroom templates developed by the dedicated Lebanese educator Donna Yazbeck and get them here! You can also find amazing bitmoji classroom ideas in our store!

Bitmoji Classroom Templates


Bitmoji Fairytales Library

Bitmoji Fairytales Library

Download the bitmoji fairytales library here!


Bitmoji Valentine Template

Bitmoji Valentine Template

Download the bitmoji valentine template here!


Bitmoji Winter Classroom

Bitmoji Winter Classroom

Download the bitmoji winter classroom here!


Bitmoji Computer lab

bitmoji computer lab

Download the bitmoji computer lab template here!


Bitmoji Playground Template

bitmoji playground template

Download the bitmoji playground template here!


Bitmoji Music Room

bitmoji music room

Download the bitmoji music room template here!


Bitmoji Art Room

bitmoji art room

Download the bitmoji art room template here!


Bitmoji Science Lab

bitmoji science lab

Download the bitmoji science lab template here!


Bitmoji Sports Classroom

bitmoji sports classroom

Download the bitmoji sports classroom template here!


Bitmoji School Library

bitmoji school library

Download the bitmoji school library template here!


Bitmoji Infirmary Template

bitmoji infirmary template

Download the bitmoji infirmary template here!


Bitmoji Preschool Classroom

bitmoji preschool classroom

Get the bitmoji preschool classroom here!


Bitmoji Church Template

bitmoji church template

Download the bitmoji church template here!


Bitmoji Lunchroom Template

bitmoji lunchroom template

Download the bitmoji lunchroom template here!


Bitmoji Meeting Room

bitmoji meeting room

Download the bitmoji meeting room template here!


Bitmoji Auditorium

bitmoji auditorium

Download the bitmoji auditorium template here!


Bitmoji Preschool Office

bitmoji preschool office

Download the bitmoji preschool office template here!


Bitmoji School Office

bitmoji office template

Get the bitmoji school office here!


Bitmoji Bathroom Template

bitmoji bathroom template

Download this bitmoji bathroom template here!


Create your own Classroom!

Were you inspired by these bitmoji classroom templates and want to create your own bitmoji classroom? Check out a step-by-step tutorial here.

Buy your own bitmoji classroom templates!

Want to get ready-made templates? Check out different bitmoji classroom ideas here!

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