TechnologyEDUC is a Digital Learning company specialized in equipping educational institutions with the most-advanced EdTech solutions. Over time, we have become partners with several worldwide education companies, leaders in EdTech and continued education.

Our different solutions are curriculum-aligned and based on STEAM learning. They cover all subjects and grade levels. These solutions can be integrated separately or through a tailor-made EdTech Lab that we develop and customize following your institution’s needs.

Moreover, we offer educators a wide range of EdTech trainings that enable them to discover new educational technology tools & resources as well as techniques for their implementation in the classroom for a better teaching and learning experience.


Krystèl Yaacoub is an EdTech Specialist whose work focuses on the effective use of innovative technologies to enhance the teaching-learning process. She develops digital educational material, manages the integration of technology in an educational environment, and delivers EdTech trainings and workshops. Connect with her on LinkedIn.


Our mission is to help school boards understand, design, plan and leverage Educational Technology to improve teaching, enhance learning, engage students, and empower educators.


Making learning fun!


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