7 valuable lessons I learned in 2020

2020, The Overwhelming Unforgettable Year!
By Krystèl Yaacoub, on 31/12/2020

When I look back at 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic, the severe economic crisis, and the heartbreaking Beirut blast, I recognize that besides the sadness, heartbreaks, and disappointments I went through, I learned a lot of valuable lessons that no one could have taught me except 2020!

I’ve learned to never take basic things for granted; a family, a job, a healthy body, a breathing lung, a beating heart… These are God’s most beautiful graces!

I’ve learned that blessings are waking up in the morning with a roof over my head knowing that my beloved ones are all fine!

I’ve learned that I don’t always have the chance to say goodbye; in a blink of an eye, people leave. Some of them leave to a place of eternal sunshine and some others simply take a different path. And I may never know when the last time I see them is!

7 Valuable Lessons I Learned in 2020

7 Valuable Lessons I Learned in 2020

I’ve learned that being alone is not loneliness and that self-care is one of the best gifts I can offer myself! By staying home for months due to lockdowns, I caught up with my hobbies: playing guitar, blogging, writing, discovering new wines, etc. These hobbies, in addition to my breathing exercise routine and praying, helped me beat the mental and emotional breakdowns I encountered during these tough times!

I’ve learned to honor my feelings and to accept my not-okayness. It’s okay not to be okay and to feel tired, sad, anxious, or upset at times. I’m not a robot programmed to be happy 24/7!

I’ve learned that true friends are united by soul and not by body. 2020, with its virtual aspect, has deepened our friendship and made us closer than ever before!

7 Valuable Lessons I Learned in 2020

7 Valuable Lessons I Learned in 2020

Last but not least, I’ve learned that forever is an illusion and that love is a moment. What matters are the beautiful moments I share with my partner in the present, regardless of what tomorrow may bring!

Now, I’m moving into 2021 with gratitude for the lessons I learned, the maturity I acquired, and the strength I gained. With gratitude for the dark that helped me appreciate the light and for the beautiful people who fought with me through last year’s challenges and with whom I’m ready for a new journey!

Hello 2021! ✨

7 Valuable Lessons I Learned in 2020

7 Valuable Lessons I Learned in 2020


7 Valuable Lessons I Learned in 2020
by Krystèl Yaacoub




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