6 Student Premium VR Kit

6 Student Premium VR Kit

The 6 Student Premium VR Kit houses 6 Pico Neo3 Pro Headsets with their corresponding controllers. The kit features robust headset and controller storage alongside intelligent USB-C charging which is both faster and safer than previous methods. An optional integrated WiFi 6 router is available for this kit.

The Neo3 Pro utilises a new user mapping system that is both more robust, flexible and open, allowing for a larger range of commercial use-cases without requiring additional devices or setup costs. As VR becomes the default multi-user training, entertainment, collaborative, and social technology these tracking solutions will remove hurdles to effective implementation.

Contained within a light yet highly defensive explorer case for maximum protection.

What’s Included?

  • 6 x Pico Neo3 Pro headsets
  • 6 x Pairs of hand controllers
  • Tablet
  • Optional router
  • Highly protective case
  • iNsync intelligent charging
  • All devices pre-configured with ExpeditionPro & MEL VR Science Lab
  • 2 Year Support & Protection Plan